LLOOGG (your web2.0 tail -f access.log)

Yesterday I was given an invite for the LLOOGG service.
It’s like Google Analytics, but it’s realtime (and a little more geeky).
LLOOGG is run by a company based in Sicily[1] (Merzia, which focuses on services for the Web) and it’s the product of minds like antirez[2] – so it simply couldn’t suck.
It requires you to put the usual snippet of javascript inside the pages you plan to track access to: from that moment on, you can have really exhaustive statistics about the browsers which access your pages – in real time.
Right now, with only a couple of days of clicks inside its belly, it looks very very promising.
I plan using it for some time side by side with Analytics to compare the data, and then dig inside my access.logs to see what comes out.

I suggest you ask for an invite, and check it out: it’s well worth it.

As soon as I can, I plan modifying the Google Analyticator plugin for WordPress to create and (if anybody asks, release) a LLOOGG plugin for WordPress users. It should be very easy (read: I could really do it)

[1] italians are not “spaghetti, pizza, mandolino – arp-spoofing” people any more, hoorah!
[2] yes, the nmap/idle-scan guy

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