This is the as-is rewrite of an old page (and by old, I mean it was there on April, 2001 – according to…), just to keep the links to the documentation:

Wonderful senryu. Some of them even apply to those who happen to have an Indy, like me. *grin*

[Update, Nov ’02] Now I have an O2 too, so I’m fully entitled to link them here. ;)
[Update, Jan ’09] The O2 went away some time ago, I still keep my purple Indigo2!

More information about Haikus and 5-7-5 poetry.

Manuals for

Miscellaneous Backgrounds (quite old, maybe in 2009 I can call them vintage. All of them in the .jpg and .rgb format )

If you’re reading this and happen to have some more (Fuel, Onyx, etc), please drop me a line at zen (at) kill (dash)

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