Still not dead.
Hung into python and its available modules, trying to glue together something that amuses me.
Late night coding session with TextMate and Children of Bodom “Hate Crew DeathRoll”.
Maybe I’ll start writing good code and listening to “good” music the same day.

Literal conversation with a friend in jabber:

he: Can you have a look at [a thing]?
me: Sorry dude, I’m coding
me: :)
he: WHAT?
he: you?

me: writing code, you know? Getting a funny language to make the things you want
he: you?
me: [explaining that I’m actually able to do some of the things that usually I don’t do, and that I don’t have an army of coders waiting for my input]


Author: zen

Geek of all trades, having fun with *NIX, the Internet and computer security since 1995.

3 thoughts on “Keepalive”

  1. You should probably mention that Stefano, on the other hand, has an army of coders to do his bidding :-) IIRC, during a discussion about Python, he described his favorite “prototyping language” as “pick a student, tell him I NEED THIS THIS AND THAT, AND I NEED IT FOR YESTERDAY” :-D

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