No news is good news :)

Ok, it’s been five years from the last post.
Five. Years.
It’s not I gave up having fun building/breaking stuff, but there’s not much of what I’ve been doing lately that may interest my geek friends. :\
Changed city, changed employer (still red though), always in the quest to do something fun and interesting.

Anyway, in my current intentions this site/blog is not going away anytime soon: even if we live in the most social-rich-media society, I feel that it still makes sense having something that just works — with no ties to centralized points of failure (aws, facebook, cloudflare, …) — and where nobody can censor me.

Maybe it will take five more years to make something appear here, but this little corner will stay.

Happy hacking!

Author: zen

Geek of all trades, having fun with *NIX, the Internet and computer security since 1995.

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