God bless April, 1st

As usual, many new products and news get released on April, 1st.
The most amusing:
* Google has released two new products! Gmail Paper, and Google TiSP (install)
* ThinkGeek has many new exciting items on sale: the Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter, the SurgeStix – Inhalable Caffeine Stix, the Sn…«zNL…«z – Wifi Donation Alarm Clock and my favourite, the 8-bit Tie!
* C|Net News is running a very interesting news page
* update: Ryanair is offering flights to the moon.

Like last year, still no RFC in sight. If I had knew, I would have sent No Frills in. :)

*UPDATE* I know it’s late, but rfc4824 came out: “The Transmission of IP Datagrams over the Semaphore Flag Signaling System (SFSS)

You are welcome to add more links!

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